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Protruding Instrusion

As your body enters various stages of manhood, you may notice accelerating hair growth in some areas, with slower hair growth in others. As a part of your A.M. grooming, examine your face for stray hairs while paying very close [...]

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Dome Duty

With the resurgence of classic head-wear such as “The Derby, The Fedora and The Boater,” men of discerning taste are gravitated back to these charming accessories. Unlike other accessories, your head-wear carries a greater social responsible – and in choosing [...]

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Hand To Hand

Here’s another social exchange that tends to be a unconscionable act. Handing over money to another. When we’re repaying back, loaning, or handing over dough to a clerk, the way it’s done can convey your social upbringing, and or, how [...]

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Be That you Wish to Raise

Are we raising a nation of kids that will reflect our behavior? This can be a harsh reality for some. Take a moment to ponder your personal temperament in the presence of your kids. What behavior traits are you wanting to [...]

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Whether you’re at a business function, a social event, or just out and about, the more people you interact with, broadens your circle of network.  Here are six tools to widened your circle. 1. Get comfortable initiating a self-introduction (smile, firm [...]

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