Dating, Protocol, Young Blazers — November 3, 2011 at 19:14

48 Hour Rule


The forty eight hours rule has been in place for well over forty years. 48 Hrs. is the equivalent to two days and that’s all the time you have to respectfully get back in contact with someone. With all the advancements we have today with smart-phones, Ipads, laptops, etc; returning an email or voicemail, now, is merely about adhering to this etiquette guideline.


If you’re having challenges and you’re exceeding 48 Hrs.

  1. Have a specific time of the day when you check & return emails & voice-mails.
  2. If you’re gonna be away, (vacation or surgery) set up auto-reply to alert others that you’re away.
  3. Filter specific contacts so that you’ll receive a notification in your phone.

Don’t miss out on an valuable opportunity, or worse, disregarding a dear friend due to your over-sightedness. You’ve got 48 Hrs. to get it in gear.

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