Jenero DeRio…..Image consultant, proud father and an enthusiast for quality of life (QOL).

The Estilo culture was born in the fall of 2008. This concept was designed to assist and provide options to all men with daily challenges concerning quality of life. All men are different, however we all share similar fundamental goals. Greater wellness, happiness, family, romance and wealth. How we obtain or prioritize these goal is simply a gentlemen’s prerogative. At Estilo, we examine your present lifestyle habits and prescribe a new approach to living.

Mr. DeRio embodies a culture that is eclectic both in tradition and modernity and as diverse as his heritage. The Estilo culture is a concept through which quality of life is achieved and improved on through a series of attitudes and behaviors that shape the ideal male.

The great great grandson of Angola and great grandson of Colombia is a living archive of the African journey into the New World. Representing African, American and Latin American themes in his multimedia presentations, DeRio offers a new direction for men of all persuasions and economic circumstance.

Mr. DeRio’s life is as diverse as his heritage groomed by an always well-dressed father as a child and a mother who ushered in his early debut into the fashion scene hosting fashion shows that landed pictorials for Kessler’s, JC Penny’s and Sears. Ebony magazine captured his passion for Latin dance in a feature story on the rise of salsa in the African American community and his moves made their way into the instructional AfriSalsa video. In 2011 Mr. DeRio and other founding members of SME were featured in an Atlanta based magazine entitled Jezebel. The following year, Vibe magazine captured an image of him during their Gillette/ Masters of Style promotion in Atlanta.

Between 2006-2012 Mr. DeRIO hosted and co-produced a two hours multi-cultural radio broadcast on community radio. This is where he developed his multimedia, orating, deejaying, and interviewing skills. As a result, he became a sought after radio personality with invitations to M.C. & Dee Jay in the metro Atlanta.


“Un Momento En Estilo.” (A Moment In Style) Un Momento En Estilo is a video broadcast magazine of EMIC (Estilo Male Image Consulting). This is were we build the agenda for the Estilo culture and through this entertaining and informative medium where Mr. DeRio cruises his headquarter city of Atlanta and abroad with interviews and commentary on the tools to build confidence, self-respect and enhanced quality of life.