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15 Ways Men Can Make Their Clothing Last Forever

Keep your suits smelling fresh by placing a sachet of dried herbs (lavender, cedar shavings, spearmint, rosemary, and cinnamon are good options) in the pockets when they’re hanging in the closet. If you’re storing suits, opt for cedar mothballs, which […]

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How to Tie a Bow

This process is far more simplistic than you can imagine. The principle behind tying a bow lies in your shoe laces. The only difference is, the proper length around your neck and your torso is erect. Practice and have fun […]

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Get a Grip

There are some things in life that are universal, a friendly head-nod with a smile, the peace symbol, and getting-a-grip. It is believed that the average man will get-a grip in the neighborhood of 15,000 times over the course of […]

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Another topic well worth the attention. Some of you may think, why is it so important? I’ll tell you. Once you’ve showered and moisturized, the first piece of garment to grace your skin, is your underwear, and they should be […]

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Bathroom Time at Sunrise

This process could vary depending upon if you shave your face daily, hair length & texture, hair washing, flossing, manscaping, skincare needs, etc. However, I’m referring to the basic daily maintenance that will keep you in the game. 1. Teeth […]

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So you’re expecting guest? Well, creating an environment that’s inviting and relaxing is paramount. The phrase “cleanliness is next to godliness” carries a lot of weight. Your abode should reflect your personality. If you look smart and your estilo is […]

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Dutch Treat?

There will be occasions when you’re looking to participate in an outing and your finances will only cover yourself, or you and your special lady are dining with others, how do you approach dutch treat without feeling inadequate? But let’s […]

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Please Power

When we were kids, we were encourage to use please when we had a request. “May I ride my bike, please?” “May I have another slice of pie, please?” “May I play Atari a little while longer, please?” If delivered […]

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Ice Breakers

Sometimes generating a conversation out of thin air is a daunting task. Some guys have a natural knack at sparking interesting dialog. It’s not because their more enlightening, it’s due to their ability to jump-start an exchange, recognize conversational patterns […]

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Paper Power (thank you note)

Handwritten notes and letters unfortunately have been replaced by e-mailing & text messaging. Those mediums have contributed to the desensitizing of true heart felt sentiments. When someone has been considerate enough to do a favor, purchase a gift, support your […]

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