Grooming, Health — January 28, 2013 at 15:33

Bathroom Time at Sunrise


This process could vary depending upon if you shave your face daily, hair length & texture, hair washing, flossing, manscaping, skincare needs, etc. However, I’m referring to the basic daily maintenance that will keep you in the game.

1. Teeth Brushing 2mins
2. Cleanse Face 2mins
3. Shower 5-7mins
4. Hair 2mins
5. Moisturizing 2mins
Totaling 13-15mins.

Man-washing-his-faceThis daily regimen will not only keep you from being benched by your employer or your client, it’ll show that your AM grooming jump starts your day without consuming your day.

With the exception of the additional upkeep mentioned, the only time you’re to be in the bathroom for more than 15mins is when it becomes a playground for two.

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