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A Beginner’s Guide to Italian Men’s Style

What’s behind the Italian man’s fearless way with color? Where does he get his uncanny knack for combining pebbled textures with silky trimmings? How does he manage to be so secure in those slim-fitting clothes? And how does he put […]

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Six shoes every man must own

Men, unlike women, choose shoes based on activity, whether it is for work, sports, going out or running errands. All men need appropriate shoes for each event. But when it comes to men’s footwear the rules are relatively simple and […]

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The New York Times Cheekily Breaks Down Japanese Men’s Style Magazines

Japanese men’s magazines are great. Most of us can’t even read the words, but still buy them for the images to get new style inspiration and glimpses at stuff that we wish we could find in the States. READ MORE

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Are men afraid of dressing well?

Men are often ostracised for taking an interest in fashion but don’t let that stop you enjoying the power of stylish dressing. Influential men have always struck a strong sartorial note. READ MORE

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The Evolution of the Espadrille.

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For Men, New Company Offers Style Without Shopping

VENICE ( — A new company is giving men the chance to look good without ever having to set foot in a store. FULL STORY  

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‘Smart fabric’ turns people into electronic chameleons

Fashion is something that goes beyond simply looking good, but more with how you present yourself to the world, and how that world responds to you in a social and cultural context. In many ways, what we wear defines us. […]

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Ralph Lauren Talks Style Icons, Playing Polo, and Wearing Canadian Tuxedos

          At 73-years-old and having designed clothes for more than 45 years, Ralph Lauren is like the grandfather, the modern O.G. to the menswear community. It’s no mistake that he’s king of menswear. So, much like […]

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10 Fashion Challenges That Build A Better Man

Most people think that working in the fashion industry in New York is all about photo shoots and free stuff. But after years spent buying for a major high-end department store and a few more years on the opposite side […]

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The town issuing fines for saggy pants

Two young men with low-slung, baggy jeans walk in Trenton, New Jersey.  Source: AP Despite protests that the ban is unconstitutional, members of the Terrebonne Parish in Louisiana voted overwhelmingly to introduce the laws. Violators will be fined $40 for […]

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