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Repertoire Worthy

Legend has it that ‘music calms the savage beast.’  With that said,  just imagine what it could do for your evening. From my interactions with the opposite sex, most women enjoy a variety of music. However, theirs a time and […]

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Sit up straight, shoulders back, and no slouching was encouraged from an early age. We had no idea how these early habits, good or bad, would mold how we postured later in life. If  you’re sitting at a laptop right now, it’s […]

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Pen Dipping

Just the other day while listening to NPR, they reported a new survey which revealed that 40% of all new relationships are in the work place.  And as the saying goes “don’t dip your pin in company ink” has more cons than […]

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Dome Duty

With the resurgence of classic head-wear such as “The Derby, The Fedora and The Boater,” men of discerning taste are gravitated back to these charming accessories. Unlike other accessories, your head-wear carries a greater social responsible – and in choosing […]

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In Good Taste

You’re invited to breakfast, brunch, or a dinner engagement, don’t arrive empty handed. It’s always in “good taste” to show thoughtfulness and appreciation towards the host for extending an invitation to you. Keep in mind that everyone is not a […]

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So you’re expecting guest? Well, creating an environment that’s inviting and relaxing is paramount. The phrase “cleanliness is next to godliness” carries a lot of weight. Your abode should reflect your personality. If you look smart and your estilo is […]

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Dutch Treat?

There will be occasions when you’re looking to participate in an outing and your finances will only cover yourself, or you and your special lady are dining with others, how do you approach dutch treat without feeling inadequate? But let’s […]

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Ice Breakers

Sometimes generating a conversation out of thin air is a daunting task. Some guys have a natural knack at sparking interesting dialog. It’s not because their more enlightening, it’s due to their ability to jump-start an exchange, recognize conversational patterns […]

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Cellular Intrusiveness

I may be speaking to the choir, however, cell phone etiquette, I believe, requires conscious effort. On a subconscious level, it’s quite easy to disregard those around us and become engrossed in our personal indulgence. In doing so, we’ve unintentionally […]

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Drop Cloth

In your professional, romantic and social realm, it is inevitable that once you are seated at any table, you are confronted with a table setting. A glass, silverware, a plate and one napkin. (A lot men become intimidated by this […]

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