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Vitamin C (compliments)

Vitamin-C is an essential nutrient for humans and some animal species. Sources high in vitamin-C are guava, avocado, papaya, kiwi, tomatoes, oranges and compliments. Sharp shoes! Great presentation! Dinner was delicious, honey! Nice serve! You did an amazing job on […]

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Five Chivalrous acts that Linger like perfume

First impression are truly lasting impressions. But what’s equally important is how you maintain it. More often than none, men wish to display chivalrous act towards women, however, some associate chivalrous acts as old-fashion, unnecessary or culturally un-cool. These eighteenth […]

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Share the Warmth

We’re living in a time where more and more families are living in poverty. House holds that were once thriving are now scraping by just to make ends meet. Now that December is here, which for a lot of us, […]

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48 Hour Rule

The forty eight hours rule has been in place for well over forty years. 48 Hrs. is the equivalent to two days and that’s all the time you have to respectfully get back in contact with someone. With all the […]

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