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Ice Breakers

Sometimes generating a conversation out of thin air is a daunting task. Some guys have a natural knack at sparking interesting dialog. It’s not because their more enlightening, it’s due to their ability to jump-start an exchange, recognize conversational patterns […]

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Paper Power (thank you note)

Handwritten notes and letters unfortunately have been replaced by e-mailing & text messaging. Those mediums have contributed to the desensitizing of true heart felt sentiments. When someone has been considerate enough to do a favor, purchase a gift, support your […]

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Flight Manners (Mile High)

In my “On Land” edition, I provided you with the means to get you to your gate, in style. Now you’re boarding your plane, here’s how to navigate for the duration of your flight. 1: As you board the plane, […]

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Flight Manners (On Land)

Some time ago, it was a standard for men to wear a blazer and tie when they traveled. With the decline in dress-code, came a decline in decorum. Here’s my attempt to restore decorum and give the jet-set ladies something […]

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Camera Protocol

If you’re a man about town, there comes a time when a friend, or even a stranger will request your services behind the lens. In many cultures it’s not uncommon to politely ask someone to take a quick photo of […]

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Vitamin C (compliments)

Vitamin-C is an essential nutrient for humans and some animal species. Sources high in vitamin-C are guava, avocado, papaya, kiwi, tomatoes, oranges and compliments. Sharp shoes! Great presentation! Dinner was delicious, honey! Nice serve! You did an amazing job on […]

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Five Chivalrous acts that Linger like perfume

First impression are truly lasting impressions. But what’s equally important is how you maintain it. More often than none, men wish to display chivalrous act towards women, however, some associate chivalrous acts as old-fashion, unnecessary or culturally un-cool. These eighteenth […]

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Helper’s High

More experts say, giving can have a positive effect on your own life as well. “Evidence suggests that random acts of kindness create what’s been called the ‘helper’s high’—a profound sense of well-being and optimism,” says Larry Dossey, M.D., former […]

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Gifts For The Put-Together-Guy

The put-together-guy is always looking to broaden his sartorial image, or just looking to maintain what he has acquired. Contrary to what some believe, you don’t have to deplete to bank to have a share in the quality arena. These items will […]

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Share the Warmth

We’re living in a time where more and more families are living in poverty. House holds that were once thriving are now scraping by just to make ends meet. Now that December is here, which for a lot of us, […]

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