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Please Power

When we were kids, we were encourage to use please when we had a request. “May I ride my bike, please?” “May I have another slice of pie, please?” “May I play Atari a little while longer, please?” If delivered […]

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Ice Breakers

Sometimes generating a conversation out of thin air is a daunting task. Some guys have a natural knack at sparking interesting dialog. It’s not because their more enlightening, it’s due to their ability to jump-start an exchange, recognize conversational patterns […]

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Cellular Intrusiveness

I may be speaking to the choir, however, cell phone etiquette, I believe, requires conscious effort. On a subconscious level, it’s quite easy to disregard those around us and become engrossed in our personal indulgence. In doing so, we’ve unintentionally […]

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Drop Cloth

In your professional, romantic and social realm, it is inevitable that once you are seated at any table, you are confronted with a table setting. A glass, silverware, a plate and one napkin. (A lot men become intimidated by this […]

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Flight Manners (On Land)

Some time ago, it was a standard for men to wear a blazer and tie when they traveled. With the decline in dress-code, came a decline in decorum. Here’s my attempt to restore decorum and give the jet-set ladies something […]

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Camera Protocol

If you’re a man about town, there comes a time when a friend, or even a stranger will request your services behind the lens. In many cultures it’s not uncommon to politely ask someone to take a quick photo of […]

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Gym Etiquette

A lot of us have joined fitness clubs to enhance, or to maintain our chiseled physique. Knowing proper gym-etiquette shows respect to the establishment as well as other club members. There are a few gym-no-no’s that should be avoided at […]

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How to Politely Decline

There will be those moments when a dear friend, colleague or even a perfect stranger will offer you something, or invite you to an event that you have no interest in. Socially you want to decline the offer while remaining […]

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48 Hour Rule

The forty eight hours rule has been in place for well over forty years. 48 Hrs. is the equivalent to two days and that’s all the time you have to respectfully get back in contact with someone. With all the […]

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