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10 Ways to Cancer-Proof Your Life

Independent of how much time you clock at the gym, keeping your weight in check is another way to cut cancer risk. Being overweight or obese (having a BMI of 25 or higher) is linked to higher risk of several […]

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Urinal etiquette: the 10 commandments

Believe it or not, there are still guys of all ages oblivious to these behaviors. The lavatory is one sacred ground that needs to be respected during this brief encounter. THERE’S MORE.

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The 2013 Men’s Fitness Ultimate Athlete Competition

Find out who took home the title and the $5,000 check! READ MORE

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Nutritional Breakthroughs

A Lund University study of 166 Swedish adults has shed some light on the up-and-coming New Nordic Diet, which reportedly fends off cardiovascular disease. Subjects who ate berries, vegetables, lean meat, whole grains, canola oil, low-fat dairy, and three servings […]

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25 Ways to Get Stronger Now

Stay committed to the gym and constantly fine-tune your workouts, and you’re sure to be significantly stronger in a few weeks. But damn it, sometimes that’s just not soon enough — like when you’re meeting your buddies at the gym […]

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The #1 Reason to Keep Your Mouth Clean

Skimping on brushing your teeth could do more than cause cavities. In a new study at the University of Texas, people who reported poor oral health—including gum disease and other dental problems—were 56 percent likely to have oral HPV infection. THERE’S […]

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Becoming More Positive

Pull back from the situation at hand and grant yourself some perspective; you need to assess your mental reaction, which may act more like a reflex, and start kicking out negative thoughts before they transform into an irrational, emotional outburst. […]

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Shaving curve for Black skin

Television commercials portray the manly art of shaving as a refreshing and simple morning exercise that dispatches hair stubble with a few strokes of a razor before the man splashes on Aqua Velva after shave. The man’s wife then draws […]

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Clean Armpits For Men To Ward Off Odor

Have you come across an incident where you are standing with great difficulty in a crowded bus on a summer’s day? Yes, most of us have been in this situation. But the worst of it all, is standing in a […]

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What sports performance products REALLY work?

A 2013 study in the European Journal of Applied Physiology stated that “none of the blood or physical markers of recovery indicates any benefit of wearing compression garments post-exercise. However, muscle soreness and perceived recovery indicators suggest a psychological benefit […]

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