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Cellular Intrusiveness

Gentleman speaking loudly in his cellular with no regards to others. Mistake.

Gentleman speaking loudly in his cellular with no regard to others. Mistake.

I may be speaking to the choir, however, cell phone etiquette, I believe, requires conscious effort. On a subconscious level, it’s quite easy to disregard those around us and become engrossed in our personal indulgence. In doing so, we’ve unintentionally imposed our conversational lives on the innocent ears within reach. Cellular intrusiveness has become an epidemic. You’ll notice people of all ages committing cellular intrusiveness, from overbearing loud talking, inappropriate conversation, excessively loud ring-tones, and playing music without ear-buds. These impositions are annoying, and considered, impolite.

Our cellulars are designed to keep us well connected to the world, but shouldn’t disconnect us from our immediate environment.

I make an effort to encourage my clients to stow their cellular while shopping, on a date, having dinner, conducting business, and have an undivided human experience. By doing so, you re-attune your senses to the beauties, necessities, and un-expectancie awaiting you. It also conveys that you’re engaged in the human experience. Once you’ve stepped away, or, excused yourself, resume your mobile experience.

Our cellular devices, at their best, provide a great service, but on the flip side, can reveal unfavorable characteristics.

Keep in mind that first impressions, are lasting…so be mindful of your cellular behavior. It may, or may not, open a door, or two, for you.

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