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Drop Cloth


In your professional, romantic and social realm, it is inevitable that once you are seated at any table, you are confronted with a table setting. A glass, silverware, a plate and one napkin. (A lot men become intimidated by this situation not knowing how to navigate around the table with style.) Your drop-cloth typically becomes the first, middle and last thing you should touch during the dining process. Here are four steps to happier dining.

Step one: Always when seated at the table, drop your cloth in your lap (unless the server does it for you).

Step two: Anytime you step away from the table, place your drop-cloth in your seat. This translates to your server that you are still dining.

Step three: While dining, always place your drop-cloth back on your lap after every usage.

Step four: Once you have finished dining, place your drop-cloth on the table. This let’s your server know that you have finished dining and the dishes can be removed.

Use your napkin frequently.

Under no circumstance should your drop-cloth double as tissue to blow your nose. If it becomes soiled, request another.

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