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Dutch Treat?

Clearly this wasn't established before dinner.

Clearly this wasn’t established before dinner.

There will be occasions when you’re looking to participate in an outing and your finances will only cover yourself, or you and your special lady are dining with others, how do you approach dutch treat without feeling inadequate? But let’s first look at how the term “dutch treat” came to be. During the 17th Century the English and the Netherlands fought over political boundaries and trade routes. The English used the term dutch treat or “go-dutch” towards the Netherlands to imply Dutch type behavior. During that period, the Dutch were viewed as being a thrifty nation. In modern times, to go dutch can have thrifty implications. Going dutch or dutch-treat has it’s place in time. Make sure that the time you use it doesn’t revert others back to the 17Th century.

The general rule is, if you initiate the romantic date, you flip the bill. However, there are circumstances that may arise which can affect your finances. Be forthcoming prior to the engagement (casually or romantically) with your date and explain that you’re aware of your obligations as the “initiator.” Apologize!

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