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Five Chivalrous acts that Linger like perfume


First impression are truly lasting impressions. But what’s equally important is how you maintain it. More often than none, men wish to display chivalrous act towards women, however, some associate chivalrous acts as old-fashion, unnecessary or culturally un-cool. These eighteenth century rules of male behavior are as charming today as they were then.

1. If you’re making the acquaintance of a woman and she’s standing, you stand. Always.

2. When you meet a woman for the first time and you’re wearing a hat, remove it with your left-hand. Your right-hand is for shaking.

3. Anytime you hold the door for your date, or for any woman, allow the other ladies to pass as well.

4. When you’re in the presence of the elderly or physically challenged, happily, make yourself available, if needed.

5. If dining in mixed company (males & female), motion to stand if a woman motions to stand, and repeat when she returns to the table.


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