Etiquette, Health, Philosophy — January 27, 2013 at 19:06

Flight Manners (Mile High)


In my “On Land” edition, I provided you with the means to get you to your gate, in style. Now you’re boarding your plane, here’s how to navigate for the duration of your flight.

1: As you board the plane, ask the flight attendant if there is enough overhead space for your bag, prior to boarding.

2: If someone is needs assistance stowing in the overhead, lend a hand.

3: Greet your seat-mate.

4: Only claim one arm rest.

5: Attempt to use the lavatory prior to take off.

6: Turn off electronics when specified by flight crew.

7: If you attempt to talk with your seat-mate and he/she isn’t returning conversation, take heed to the cues.

8: Inform the persons seated behind you that you’re about to recline.

9: If you snore, stay awake.

10: Remember to say please, thank you and excuse me at each and every time.

Safe travels.


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