Protocol, Young Blazers — January 28, 2013 at 15:49

Get a Grip


imageThere are some things in life that are universal, a friendly head-nod with a smile, the peace symbol, and getting-a-grip.

It is believed that the average man will get-a grip in the neighborhood of 15,000 times over the course of his life, which is why its’ so important to have a strong (not over powering) grip.

As young boys, we’re encourage to get-a-grip, and establish a moment of eye contact while introducing ourselves. As young men, we’d witness men in our lives in formal, and informal settings greeting one another by getting-a-grip. Even as we’ve entered the sports arena, getting-a grip became a cultural norm.

Informally, getting-a-grip speaks to our kinship and brotherly love. Also, it speaks to nostalgia and a unity of solidarity. La bandera!

In a professional sense, the style in which you’ve delivered your grip tends to convey multiple meanings about your character. For example, palm-south conveys a need for superiority, power, or control. Palm-north, conveys subordinates, inept, or weaker than. Palm west and limp, conveys low-self-confidence and uncertainty. Palm-west, web to web, and firm, conveys (right off the bat) self-assured, professional and qualified. Of course, these characteristic traits may, or may not represent you, however, during the initial seven seconds of meeting someone, a cluster of traits (positive or not-so) surface to mind.

In hindsight, my father and other male role models laid the foundation as to how to articulate a snippet of my personality just by making eye contact, and getting a (firm) grip.

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