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Gym Etiquette


A lot of us have joined fitness clubs to enhance, or to maintain our chiseled physique. Knowing proper gym-etiquette shows respect to the establishment as well as other club members.

There are a few gym-no-no’s that should be avoided at all cost:

  1. Don’t place your towel or smart phone on a machine which you’re not using. Better yet, leave your phone in your locker, or silence it.
  2. Don’t perform pose downs in the mirror, even if asked.
  3. Always wipe down a machine after usage.
  4. If others are working-out keep your grunting down.
  5. Rerack your free-weight after usage.
  6. Do not drop your free-weights on the floor, unless your gym allows it.
  7. Don’t leave your paraphernalia on the bench in the locker room.
  8. Don’t impart fitness advice on others, unless asked.
  9. Do not hover over someone anticipating him/her to get off a machine.

Following these behavior tips plus great form and effort will make your fitness goals attainable in a respectable environment.



  1. Great tips. Thanks for sharing!

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