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HOSPITALITYSo you’re expecting guest? Well, creating an environment that’s inviting and relaxing is paramount. The phrase “cleanliness is next to godliness” carries a lot of weight. Your abode should reflect your personality. If you look smart and your estilo is smart, that should transfer over when your guest enters your place. A great host gets returned guest.

Lets remember some of those values our mother’s attempted to instill in us as young boys.

1. Fresh linen
2. Remove objects off the floor
3. Clean bathroom
4. Tidy up kitchen
5. Vacuum or Sweep floor
6. Empty Trash

Now these are just general practices you should exercise anyway. Mom would be proud!
However, their are a few extras that need to be considered before that honey crosses your threshold.

Make sure that you crib smells pleasant.
Open your windows or the patio door and let some fresh air circulate.
Scented candles and incenses are natural choices.

Most women LUV GOOD MUSIC. Soft, gently and airy rhythms set a comfortable, unintimidating mood for your guest.(jazz, bossa nova, neo-soul, bolero, etc)
Remember, your music shouldn’t overpower your conversation.

Through earlier conversation, hopefully you’ve learned what quenches her thirst. (juice, agua, wine, beer, vodka, etc)
(keep lemon or lime on hand)

Tissue paper on the tissue holder in the bathroom along with fresh hand-towels and liquid soap.

Having these essentials in place plus good behavior sets an atmosphere of peace, serenity, cleanliness and romance. The rest is up to you.

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