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Style of the Presidential Limo



President Barack Obama’s hulking black limousine — all 15,000 pounds of it — reportedly carries on-board systems for fresh oxygen. It carries bottles of blood of the president’s type: AB negative. It also carries an ungainly nickname: “The Beast.” Or, as Matt Anderson, curator of transportation for The Henry Ford museum in Dearborn, Mich., describes it: “A tank with a Cadillac badge.” The blast-resistant car rolls on tires reinforced with Kevlar. The rear doors are 8 inches thick and as heavy as the massive, main-cabin door of a Boeing 757.

In contrast, the open-top car that President John F. Kennedy waved from on a sunny day in Dallas, Nov. 22, 1963, could not have been more different. That car was fashioned from a stock 1961 Lincoln Continental four-door convertible — retail price $7,347 — that had rolled off the assembly line at parent company Ford’s plant in Wixom, Mich. FULL STORY

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