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Suiting Up: Job interview ready



The old cliche still holds true (particularly for the job interview) “dress for success.” Why so? Because you’re about to meet someone that’s in a position to hire you for a job. By looking and performing your best, you are more likely to be a shoe in.


Suiting: A two button navy or gray suit are the traditional staples. Black suits are to bold, or to somber.

Pants: Well pressed khakis may be worn with blazer if the interview is casual.

Shirting: A crisp white button down shirt. Solid. A white polo shirt if the interview is casual.

Blazer: Navy with silver or gold buttons are acceptable.

Tie: Solid understated tie is best. Burgundy, navy & black. Not to skinny, nor to wide.  Rule of thumb– tie width should match that of the jacket lapel.

Belting: Black or brown leather are best. Match with shoes. Buckle should be understated. Belt should be roughly 1 1/2 inches in width.

Socks: Pair your socks to your slacks.

Shoes: Lace up brogues are best. Black, brown and cordovan are cool.

Bonus details: 

-Grooming- fresh hair cut, facial hair and clean trimmed fingernails.

-Freshly polished shoes. Heel included.

-Conservative time piece.

-Neutral or black trench coat.

-Stylish eye-wear frames.

-Briefcase or leather portfolio.

-A pleasant disposition.

-Healthy posture.


-Ill fitting clothing. All clothing should fit nicely. Find a competent tailor.

-Ties with designs and bright colors. This can be a distraction.

-Wearing loafers or any other non-conservative footwear.

-Excessive jewelry.

-Exposing tattoos.

-Trendy hair styles such as mohawks and hair-cuts with designs cut in.

-Wearing sunglasses on top of head.

-Strong cologne.



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