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New Shave System Eliminates Major Problem

PFB, the primary cause of shaving irritation for millions of consumers, is an inflammatory reaction to hair tips that pierce or grow beneath the skin. The resulting bumps and rash are often referred to as razor bumps and ingrown hairs. […]

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The Shave Explained

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Shaving curve for Black skin

Television commercials portray the manly art of shaving as a refreshing and simple morning exercise that dispatches hair stubble with a few strokes of a razor before the man splashes on Aqua Velva after shave. The man’s wife then draws […]

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Protruding Intrusion

As your body enters various stages of manhood, you may notice excelerated hair growth in some areas, with slower hair growth in others. As a part of your A.M. grooming, examine your face for stray hairs while paying very close […]

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