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Etiquette Tips for Men

Contrary to the behavior of many people on today’s reality TV shows, etiquette is not out of style. The act of following the basic rules of good manners shows respect for other people and sends the message that you want […]

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Urinal etiquette: the 10 commandments

Believe it or not, there are still guys of all ages oblivious to these behaviors. The lavatory is one sacred ground that needs to be respected during this brief encounter. THERE’S MORE.

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Successful Business Communication

A while back I was able to attend a seminar by Dr. John Lund on communication where he gave some amazing advice on how to better communicate with others. His input was simple and easy to follow, yet powerful. The […]

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Men get Sexually Harassed, Too!

Men who experience high levels of sexual harassment are much more likely than women to induce vomiting and take laxatives and diuretics in an attempt to control their weight, according to a surprising finding by Michigan State University researchers. Their […]

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9 Netiquette Reminders

There was a thing called “netiquette” back in the day, a concept that today seems almost quaint. There were even online guides (still out there) explaining how to behave. Many of the emails I receive today would have cost you […]

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Dome Duty

With the resurgence of classic head-wear such as “The Derby, The Fedora and The Boater,” men of discerning taste are gravitated back to these charming accessories. Unlike other accessories, your head-wear carries a greater social responsible – and in choosing […]

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Hand To Hand

Here’s another social exchange that tends to be a unconscionable act. Handing over money to another. When we’re repaying back, loaning, or handing over dough to a clerk, the way it’s done can convey your social upbringing, and or, how […]

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Be That which You Wish to Raise

Are we raising a nation of kids that will reflect our behavior? This can be a harsh reality for some. Take a moment to ponder your personal temperament in the presence of your kids. What behavior traits are you wanting to […]

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In Good Taste

You’re invited to breakfast, brunch, or a dinner engagement, don’t arrive empty handed. It’s always in “good taste” to show thoughtfulness and appreciation towards the host for extending an invitation to you. Keep in mind that everyone is not a […]

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Get a Grip

There are some things in life that are universal, a friendly head-nod with a smile, the peace symbol, and getting-a-grip. It is believed that the average man will get-a grip in the neighborhood of 15,000 times over the course of […]

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