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Suit Hunting

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8 Stylish secrets to staying cool during the heatwave

When the barometer begins to rise, everything around it rises, including you. If you’re fortunate enough to work when the sun is low, good for you. But for the rest of us, we’ll shoulder the burden of heat with the […]

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15 Ways Men Can Make Their Clothing Last Forever

Keep your suits smelling fresh by placing a sachet of dried herbs (lavender, cedar shavings, spearmint, rosemary, and cinnamon are good options) in the pockets when they’re hanging in the closet. If you’re storing suits, opt for cedar mothballs, which […]

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How to take care of wool suits?

As we have already mentioned many times wool is the perfect fabric for men’s suit, because of the important benefits it gives. Choose a suit with higher fiber fineness and you will feel and look great for a very long […]

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Online Suit Purchase

Did you know that you can save between 20% and 50% on a suit when you buy it online? Michael Lubarsky, contributing fashion writer for, knows that such a discount may be tempting enough to most shoppers, but before […]

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Next Generation of Men’s Style

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In the men’s dress arsenal, we have three jacket that tend to get mistaken for one another. The blazer, the sport-jacket and the suit-jacket.  With all possessing similar characteristics, it’s easy for the untrained shopper to misidentify these siblings. However, their […]

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Cool Summer Suits

Wearing a suit during the warmer months is no easy task. From outdoor weddings to the Kentucky Derby, there’s just too much going on to let you ditch the business suit for the swimsuit when the temperatures rise. Designers have […]

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Tailor Explains The Biggest Mistake Men Make When Buying A Suit

A tailor recently told us the biggest mistake men make when buying a suit.”They don’t do enough research,” said McGregor Madden, a trained tailor who founded men’s apparel businesses ProperSuit.comand Hall & Madden. Madden said that not knowing all the options can […]

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