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Another topic well worth the attention.

Some of you may think, why is it so important? I’ll tell you.
Once you’ve showered and moisturized, the first piece of garment to grace your skin, is your underwear, and they should be very comfortable. Remember, they’re the chariot in which your most prize possession rides in. The cotton should be of premium quality and the elastic should contour to your physique. Your underwear should also keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Knowing which fabrics to wear at what time of the year will not only keep you dryer, it’ll keep your package fresh.

First rule is cleanliness: The colour should be vibrant if wearing white, even if they’re aged, if not, put away in file 13.

Second rule is color: Fellas, keep the colours simple. Once again, less is more. Stick to black, white, gray, simple plaids & pinstripes are cool for the boxers.

Third rule is fit: If you’re built like Chango (African deity) you can rock boxer-briefs or briefs. She’ll love’em!
And if you’re built like T.I. boxers or briefs should be your go-too. And lastly, if you’re built like Fat Joe, boxers should be your only opt.

Fourth rule is fabric: Cotton in the warm seasons and flannel in the cool seasons. Silk isn’t a option!

Last rule is visibility: Your underwear should only be seen after her Victoria’s are revealed. (smirk)

Reproduction is a serious matter. So think thrice before placing poor quality around your manhood. Your partner will thank you… and so will she.

Women enjoy the sight of a man in clean, simple and nice fabric to the touch underwear. So when that intimate time arises, you wont cool her off, while she’s heated up.


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