Young Blazers

imageThe Young Blazers concept was born out of a need to introduce, and to prepare youth males for the challenges of manhood.
“Contrary to popular belief, the turning of 21 does not maketh a man, but it’s through his calculated decisions by which he considers others, and governs himself accordingly.”
The Young Blazers initiative creates an interesting fun learning atmosphere where youth males can unabashedly engage in discussions about their hygiene, grooming, appearance, attitude and behavior. By doing so, they’ll gain comfort in knowing their bodies, their thoughts, their attire, and how these components intertwine into the world around them.
“A Great Attitude Increases the Possibilities.”
The 3D’s curriculum is geared towards middle school age boys, 9-13.
Learn that attitude generated by thoughts is translated through bodylanguage.
Learn about facial and hand gestures ques.
Also learn how to interpret the body languages of others and how to convey positive body language.
How to respect and follow rules and understand the context of why life rules exist.
How to successfully navigate around a dinner table
How to make a introduction. What’s in a handshake and eye contact.
How to address and treat the opposite sex.
How to address and treat the physically challenged.
How to care for clothing from reading labels, ironing and folding of clothing.
Learn about organic and inorganic materials and the pro and cons of both.
Learn about seasonal appropriate materials.
Tie tying, shoe polishing, hygiene, grooming and dressing for different occasions
Seminars & Sleepovers-
Mr. DeRio has created a curriculum designs to instill the virtues of manhood through the 3D initiative. (Dress, Demeanor & Decorum). By creating real life scenarios, participants are able to identify, process, and navigate through boy-hood more effectively. In turn, what would normally challenge them has become a seem-less act in life.
3D’s Seminars-
Seminars are available for those organizations wishing to introduce their youth males to the 3D initiative. All seminar sessions can be tailored to meet the needs of the organization.
Contact for more details.

Sleepover Session-
If you’re hosting a sleepover, this is a wonderful way to make the weekend agenda more fun, interesting and educational. For groups of four or more. Up to 10.
This session, too, can be modified to the request of the parents,  or organization.
The sleepover session last  1  1/2 hr.
Contact for more details.

Mr. DeRio